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People get their best experience while walking around a hustling Bazaar in a bustling Town. Our long experience led us to offer this walking type of tours mainly in Big Busy Cities like Dhaka, Chittagong etc. What we do is start the day with a very basic itinerary in mind, and then follow the heart. At the end of the day, this results in a very charming and sweaty memory to keep for lifetime. One such basic Itinerary is pictured below.

Walk to the Lalbagh to see the only Fort in the morning. Visit the Fort and a small museum inside. Walk from the fort to the older part of Dhaka to visit a very beautiful old Star Mosque. Move onto See the 18th Century's Armenian Church. Having walked this far, surely you would be tired enough for a fascinating cycle Rickshaw ride. Relax on the rickshaw for about half an hour before you are landed at the Curzon Hall in the Dhaka University Campus. Visit the university, you'll love it. Move further to the Liberation War Museum. Have your time understanding Our courage and reason in fighting against Pakistan in 1971 visiting the Museum. By the time you finish the Liberation War Museum, it would be lunch time. Have lunch at a local restaurant and then ride on a rickshaw to the National Museum. This would be the last of the day's activities.